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Downloading and RSS Feed Options

Downloading Episodes or Using the New Private RSS Feed

Please note that these are instructions for audio versions of The Brand.  Please visit our episode-by-episode page to download the video version.

Option 1 (RSS Feed / On-the-go):

Now you can retrieve and listen to every episode of The Brand using your favorite podcast app!
– Make sure you’re logged in at with your email and password

– Copy and paste the following RSS Feed link to your favorite podcast app:, you must log in before you can view this content. Click here to log in

* That unique link is private and directly linked to your account.  It will automatically add the latest Brand episodes as they post and your subscription remains active. PLEASE DO NOT SHARE THIS LINK.

From Apple’s Podcasts app (for example)…

– Tap on “Library” at the bottom of the screen
– Then tap on “Edit” at the top right
– Then tap on “Add a Podcast by URL…”
– Then paste this link in the pop-up window on your screen: <your private rss link>
– Lastly, tap “Subscribe”.

(Apple and Android Users) How to add the RSS feed link to the free Playapod app (one of our favorites). Go to for more info!  Once you download it…

– Open the app from your mobile device
– Click the + button at the top right hand side
– Paste your RSS feed link in the pop-up window
– Tap “Add”

Once it’s set up, new Brand episodes will be added to your podcast app and you’ll have the ability to stream it, download it, etc. as long as your Brand subscription is active.

Option 2 (Downloading episodes): ​

– Make sure you’re logged in at with your email and password
– Go to, access your content and click on “The Brand Audio” link.
– Go to the audio player on the page and click on the episode you want to download from the list of episodes.
– Lastly, at the top right of the player, click the download button in the player and you’ll be prompted to download.


*Please make sure to turn off any pop-up blockers you may have running on your web browser
*If you’re using a mobile device and don’t see the download button, please try using a desktop or tablet as a temporary solution. Or try Option 1 found above.

Apps that will work with your custom RSS link
Below are the iOS and Android apps that work with most private RSS links. Please note that these apps have not been tested by RELM, nor are they an endorsement. This is for informational purposes only.

iOS Apps:

Apple Podcast
Pocket Casts

Android Apps:

Beyond Pod
Dog Catcher
Player FM (Important:you must register an account with them to import our private RSS.)
Pocket Casts (Important please see this article in their support center.)
Podcast Addict
Podcast Republic
Podcasts Tracker