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It’s Vince Russo’s: The Brand…only on The RELM Network! Subscription includes access to both audio & video versions of all premium shows from The Brand. Available for download or streaming. Private RSS feed for your favorite podcast app also available.
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Daily episodes, Monday thru Friday, include…

    • Lions, Tigers, Bears & Disco – Vince RussoDisco Inferno, and Jeff Lane discuss the wrestling news and rumors of the week
    • WWE RAW & SmackDown Live Review – Vince RussoStevie Richards, and Bin Hamin review both WWE shows every week with honest opinions, these three aren’t looking for a job
    • Castrating the Marks – Vince Russo uses the words of the dirt sheet writers against them to show their agendas and incompetence
    • The Beautiful Podcast – Video/Audio Podcast hosted by The Beautiful People: Angelina Love & Velvet Sky!
    • Triple Threat Podcast w/Shane Douglas – Video/Audio Podcast hosted by former ECW Champion “The Franchise” Shane Douglas!
    • Taskmaster Talks with Kevin Sullivan – Audio Podcast hosted by former WCW Wrestler & Head Booker Kevin Sullivan!
    • Goldy’s Closet – Featuring, Goldy Locks! It’s what might result in the carnival mirror kitchen of a leather-clad Rachael Ray when elements of The Man Show, Blue Collar Comedy Tour, Martha Stewart, Tom Green and Jackass are emulsified in a rock-n-roll blender and poured into your TV monitor.
    • Talks with Taeler Hendrix – With over ten years experience in pro wrestling working in Ring of Honor, TNA, OVW (3-time Women’s Champion), and more, The Brand gets their first current star in the business as Taeler Hendrix talks today’s wrestling atmosphere, life, challenges, and more!
    • Bucket Full of Chicken Necks – Vince Russo brings back one of his original shows, Bucket Full of Chicken Necks in an effort to “relieve him of all his inner chaos”. This is the show where NOBODY is safe!
    • Black & White – Harlem Heat legend and Hall of Famer Stevie Ray brings unique insight and topics to The Brand for some engaging back and forth with Vince Russo that may or may not include bickering due to Vince getting under his skin. Will there be many shades of grey due to differing opinions, or do Stevie and Vince actually share similar thoughts?
    • Get all of these shows and more in video and audio formats, including your own private RSS feed to listen on the go!

*Shows may be removed after approx. 30 days.  Audio & video are available for download for subscribers to keep.  Daily episodes & schedule may vary.

Just $4.95/month!
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